Boll Interiors

About us

Boll Interiors was founded in December of 1999 and acted at that time as spearhead for one of the largest contract furniture groups in Lithuania. Within 3 years the turnover went from 0 to almost € 5 mill at the end of 2003. Sales offices had been opened in United Kingdom and Germany to support the factories in Lithuania.

From 2004 Boll Interiors worked with several other factories in the Baltic States, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy, Bulgaria, Malta, Portugal, Germany, Holland and Switzerland developing products for the hotel industry; Complete rooms, Bathrooms, Wellness areas, Receptions, Restaurants etc. We provide you with a very large production-network from all over Europe, offering the highest quality at competitive prices, all depending of the demands of each project.

Due to the globally operating hotel-chains, we are ready at any time to provide the best solutions worldwide.

The demand for good quality furniture at a reasonable price is essential to the Hotel Industry. This applies to all hotels of any standard. Value for money is essential in all areas. With our group of companies/partners all over Europe we are capable to supply very competitive budget hotels rooms in melamine, to exquisite solid wood furniture with that extra touch needed in a 5*+ hotel.

Boll Interiors emerged in 2011 as more than the majority of all sales are related to complete interior design/development for the Hotel Industry. In 2010 Boll Interiors, Cologne was opened. Boll Interiors can produce complete interiors as per your specifications. We work with some of the finest architects in Europe specializing in Hotel Interiors, so if you want that special solution: we can do this; of any size, quality and quantity!

We can offer complete turnkey projects from the raw build, to delivering 27 new beds or new curtains for 54 rooms! If it is the intensive renovation of existing building, or if you are refurbishing a few rooms, a restaurant or nightclub, we will always offer you the best possible service for each individual project.

We stride to be a realistic and open minded company and we will work with our customers to fulfill their desires. We want to build a long lasting relationship with our customers. Do you only want the furniture with no installation or 40 new lamps: no problem, we are at your service any time.
We will work with our customers and offer the best possible solution for that exact job.

Boll Interiors: Your partner for solutions!